The weeks of eager anticipation end tomorrow.. when I set off on my trip!  WOOHOO!  My bag is packed and after last week’s $745 investment in front brakes and 3 new tires, my car is ready too.  I’ve just been finishing up the little odds and ends left over after tackling big stuff (the travel equivalent of “broom sweeping” on move-out day) and handling the unanticipated weirdness that drops by to say HOWDY! before you head out for a month.

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Pass the Mike.

You might not know this about me, but years ago I worked as a recorder for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  And by recorder, I don’t mean the musical instrument “played” by 3rd graders.  I mean recorder, as in someone paid to attend important meetings at classy hotels, tape closed-door conversations, and later transcribe every salacious detail.  As far as jobs go, a real peach.

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I ❤️ Technology

Dear Diary,

Today I am writing to you on my iPhone, and instead of complaining about the tediousness of typing thoughts with two fingers (technically one finger and a thumb), I will instead marvel at the wonders of technology. How amazing is a smart phone?? I mean, I can watch The Walking Dead, post on my blog, take photos, talk — via text, voice, or video to people anywhere in the world, and even look up ways to get rid of cat pee smell. And it fits IN MY HAND. I am so very grateful to live in this cyber age.

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