A Month of Letters

Yesterday marked the start of a wonderful challenge: LetterMo.

LetterMo, or A Month of Letters, is the brainchild of author and puppeteer, Mary Robinette Kowal. The premise is simple. Commit to writing & mailing a letter daily throughout February and respond to letters you receive in kind.

LetterMo grew out of a request. Mary decided last September to take a hiatus from email and asked people to write to her on paper instead. From this has come a chain of correspondence that continues into the present. Mary describes letter-writing as both lasting and ephemeral; although sentiments may be fleeting, the messages themselves stand as a testament to time. Each letter she exchanges, whether sent or received, is a tangible connection to another person.  And the process of reading & writing letters forces her to slow down, linger and focus on what’s important.  

LetterMo reminds me of the joy I attached to letter-writing as a child.  Nothing was better than getting mail (!!!) and I had an army of pen pals to satisfy my wordly desires.  LetterMo is a way of resurrecting that special feeling.  It’s a way of reconnecting to each other in a deeper, more deliberate way.

One of my best friends from high school clued me in to LetterMo. It seemed fitting to write to him first; the first physical letter exchanged between us in 20 years. It’s long overdue.

Are you up to the challenge? I hope you’ll join me.

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27 thoughts on “A Month of Letters

  1. I like the idea, but not the reality or buying stamps and envelopes. Seems like a waste of resources and a horrible cause (the U.S. Post Office) to donate money to, but hey, that’s just me. :)


    • As big a beef as I had w/ the USPS when we lived in Philly, I don’t want them to go under. A friend suggested that the post office needs to concentrate on what they do best – delivering first class mail. Maybe a mass-challenge like this will help them shine!


  2. Email me your physical address and I will send you a letter :) I doubt I will manage one a day but if I can make it up with valentines day cards I just might pull off 28…


    • Stephen, I LOVE you! This is the sweetest, most lovely challenge yet and I’m enjoying it so. I’m going up to the attic to look through old boxes of letters, I just know there’ll be some great stuff to send. **mmmmmemmmmorieeesss**



  3. I’m so happy you are doing this. I have unsuccessfully tried to get friends to do a postcard/letter exchange, but it was a struggle to get willing participants. While I don’t know if I can handle a daily letter, I think I can handle a weekly one. I’m going to give it a try! :)


  4. Sounds like a wonderful idea, Dishy
    (I hadn’t even heard of LetterMo before your post)!
    I really wish I was better at sending letters – sounds like a great ‘excuse’ to work on that! :)


    • If you don’t have the time to commit to a month of letter writing, it’s certainly a good reminder to start small. Send a note to a loved one, just to say Hi. With Valentine’s Day coming up, there’s no need for an excuse!


  5. I agree that sending actual letters and cards connects people in a way that email and such can’t. I still make and send holiday cards, and when I receive gifts, I more often send thank you cards than an email thank-you. Technology is great, but there is something special about letter-writing.


  6. Letters thought fleeting, their message withstand the test of time…..beautiful and so true. A lot of us have forgotten the magic of letters to the heart and soul. With today’s high tech stuff, a lot of people lost that ability to affectionate, to be sensitive, to be caring through words expressed in letters. My wife still kept the love note I made for her 8 years ago and that’s a proof enough for me to say, it does withstood time. New gadgets will come and go but the heart you poured out in a letter, for as long as we preserve it will last forever….and yes, we need to put them in a post as well. God bless you and your family….


    • I loved reading about your wife and that note. I’ve also saved all the letters, poems and cards my husband has given me. It makes me smile, sometimes even cry when I stumble on one accidentally – like I did today. Such a special thing, and so worthy of celebration. Hope you’ll join me in LetterMo, IT.



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